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You Can Make Big Money Writing Little Books: The Extreme Self Publishing Guide by Michael L McMillan

You Can Make Big Money Writing Little Books: The Extreme Self Publishing Guide

by Michael L McMillan

292 pages
Learn how to write and self publish your nonfiction book.

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About the Book
Big Ideas In Little Books is a complete guide to turning your experience, knowledge, or skills into a nonfiction, informational book. There are 24 chapters spanning 292 pages. Chapters include:

How I Got Started • Don't Sleep With The Sheep • The Stickiness Function • Reverse Engineering: The BIggest Secret • The Power of Printing On Demand • Binding Options • Copyrights & ISBNs • Technical Aspects of Nonfiction Writing • Where Do I Begin • Formatting Considerations • Selling By Direct Mail • Developing A Cover & Title • Understanding Sales • Selling Through Catalog Companies • Pricing Your Book • Radio Sales of Your Book • Marketing Your Book As A Promotional Item • VIral Marketing of Your Book • Developing An On-Line Course Related To Your Book • Developing A Seminar Related To Your Book • Doing A Barnes & Noble Book Signing • How To FIll Orders * Advanced Topics For Extreme Self Publishers, and Closing Remarks.

NOTE: This e-book is the "text-only" version of the print version of my BIg Money Writing Little Books manual. All of the body text is present, but the images and illustrations have been omitted. I did this because a PDF file of the book, including the images and graphics, would have a file size of 17Meg--too large for many people to download.

The central them of the book is the concept of "Extreme Self Publishing". The three pillars of this concept include: (1) getting your book into print at very low cost, (2) employing powerful organizations and networks to help market your book (at no cost to you), and (3) using the sale of your book as a gateway to other products and services you may have.

Here is what people are saying:

"Take what you know, add what you find and write it down for a narrowly targeted audience. This is Mike McMillan's Magic Formula for multiplying your efforts and capitalizing on your experience. Mike's Big Money Writing Little Books will provide you with increased credibility and a new profit center while helping thousands of your readers. Read it and profit!"
– Dan Poynter, Author: The Self Publishing Manual, Santa Barbara CA

"Dear Mike, this is just an explosion of a book! I can't believe you've given so much inside information! What I particularly like about your book is the detailed step-by-step instructions you're giving your readers. You're not just telling your readers exactly what to do to succeed–no, you're telling how you've done it time and time again. I can't believe how much you're revealing in this book! So thank you for an amazing book!"
– Klaus Dahl, Denmark

"Hi Mike, What a great book! I got it yesterday. . . read it cover to cover. The specifics you gave us about self publishing are very much appreciated. I have to tell you that in recent months I've read several books on the subject of self publishing and I feel that this is the very best. Again I thank you. The best I've seen and read about self publishing."
– Guy Bailey, Camus WA

"Mike, I wrote a booklet last weekend. It was a small booklet, only 16 pages including a few blank pages for notes. I wrote the booklet on a subject that has been used many, many times. I simply modified it. I spent $0.00 on advertising. And so far, I've sold 12,000 copies! How did I do it? I took a few tips from your book titled, You Can Make Big Money Writing Little Books. short... I pocketed thousands of dollars with one small idea less than 5 weeks after buying your book. Thanks Mike."
(Jimmy has since sold well over 100,000 copies of his book!)
–Jimmy Krug, Bradenton FL


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About the Author
Michael L McMillan Mke has written over 40 nonfiction books. He has an on-line course offered through over 1,400 colleges, universities, and learning centers. Mike has been interviewed on over 100 radio and TV stations including ABC World News. He is also the creator of the Extreme Self Publishing platform.



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