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Alysa of the Fields - Book One in the Tellings of Xunar-kun by Tina Field Howe

Alysa of the Fields - Book One in the Tellings of Xunar-kun

by Tina Field Howe

320 pages
Alysa risks all to save her people from peril.

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Category: Fiction:SciFi
About the Book
Hidden deep in the mountains of planet Xunar-kun, the Field Folk clan believed themselves to be the only remaining people, other than the distant Trailmen, to inhabit their devastated world. They were wrong. Alysa, a young woman of the Folk, risks all to save her people from certain peril. As a result, long-hidden truths are revealed, age-old hatreds are healed, and Alysa leads her people to a new way of life.

So begins a noble adventure that takes Alysa away from all that is familiar, from her family and friends, from her homestead high in the mountains of Xunar-kun. Leaving the comfort and assurance of Alysa’s clanfolk is not an easy task for one born into a society that holds to tradition with fervor. This strong tradition shapes the lives of every person in the homestead and their place in it. Alysa dares to ask the question: Could it be true that tradition is really just a form of control?

Long-guarded secrets have caused the Field Folk to view a distant tribe as savage; yet many of Alysa’s discoveries about them turn her society’s world upside down. In finding the courage to look outside her own society for the truth, she also looks within and discovers her own individuality.

This story is suitable for adolescents through adults. The themes uplift family, friends, questioning, thinking, respecting others, making the right choices, and taking a risk for the right reasons. There are many strong, well-developed female characters, and there are many interesting, strong male characters as well. Male readers, as well as female, enjoy this story very much.

Cover and interior illustrations by the author.


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About the Author
Tina Field Howe Tina Field Howe has been writing short stories for over 20 years and illustrating for nearly as long. This is her first novel. Tina lives in hilly Corning, NY, which lies along the southern edge of the beautiful Finger Lakes Region of New York.



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