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Margaret Goes to Town: A Mature Comedy Romance by Tina Field Howe

Margaret Goes to Town: A Mature Comedy Romance

by Tina Field Howe

236 pages
Margaret, a lonely 72-year-old widow, is put on a dating app by her friends and soon finds herself juggling three boyfriends while avoiding her controlling son’s efforts to take away his “aging” mother’s freedoms.

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About the Book
Paul had been the perfect husband, and there was no way another man could ever measure up. Margaret accepted that she would spend the rest of her days a single woman. She couldn’t imagine ever falling in love again.

But it's been nearly two years since Paul passed, so when Margaret's well-meaning best friends put her profile on Geezers Go Out, a floodgate opens. She meets one man, a second, then a third, resulting in three boyfriends — at the same time!

Her youthful spirit leads her to the first meek gentleman who turns into a tiger in bed. Then a pretentious yet charming yogi half her age followed by a rugged former detective with a heart of gold. But there's a problem. She becomes smitten with all three!

Little does Margaret know that son Dwight and two frenemies judge her from the sidelines. They can’t help but interfere, because in their minds Margaret’s making an unforgivable mistake. Her dating not only means she’s ‘cheating’ on Dwight’s dead father; his inheritance is at risk by one boyfriend who he imagines is a male gold digger! To protect his mother, Dwight treats her like an old lady, but ‘old’ is not at all how she sees herself. And baby, she’s just getting started!

Over the weeks that follow, Margaret juggles three men while trying to keep up appearances. It becomes difficult to keep the boyfriends from finding out about each other. When one suitor unexpectedly shows up at her house while she’s entertaining another, this causes a cringe-worthy moment of panic. Another suitor takes her out for a romantic lunch, and she makes excuses for a hasty exit when she sees her son at the same restaurant.

As the conflict rises and Margaret struggles to choose between the three, she’s forced to confront her own desires. Which one does she truly want in her life? A tough choice is on the horizon, but just when she thinks her mind is settled, a shocking trio of twists throw her life into chaos once more.


Being a part of Margaret’s world is delightful. Her creative and quirky ways of dealing with love and grief are truly inspiring and fun!
- Seda Anbarci, Screenwriter & Filmmaker
I enjoyed the book tremendously. It reminded me of my life and playing cards with friends and family. It’s a wonderful story, and I wish it hadn’t ended!
- Pinky Henson
Each character is imbued with their own unique quirks and traits, which adds depth and authenticity to the story. Their interactions are filled with warmth and genuine camaraderie, offering readers a glimpse into the power of female friendships.
- Rick “Boomer” Murrhee, Screenwriter



About the Author
Tina Field Howe Books by Tina Field Howe, author and screenwriter from New York, have won Mom’s Choice, The Written Art Awards, and Readers’ Favorite Awards. She received an Artist Crossroads Grant from The ARTs Council of the Southern Finger Lakes and NYSCA to create an audio book of her first novel.



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