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A Left-Brain Thinker On a Right-Brain Journey by Nancy R. Daly

A Left-Brain Thinker On a Right-Brain Journey

by Nancy R. Daly

184 pages
Provocative story that breaks thinking patterns to empower life-changing decisions.

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Category: Self Help
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About the Book

Nancy Daly’s newest book offers unique formulas for attaining transformational, life-changing goals. This MBA and former CFO applied business-planning tools to herself as an experiment to explore her inner purpose and passions. The result was much bigger than she ever bargained for. Not only does Daly share her candid case study with humor and skill; she offers unique perspectives, questions, tools and examples of breakthrough change and passion-filled results.

Daly’s unusual journey will take you through initial preparations and reactions to major change, with processes for identifying deep motivators and desires. She will capture your attention with metaphors and teachings from Indian culture, and honest and revealing personal thoughts and fears. Nancy redefines analytical tools as personal decision support systems, and discovers the hidden power of intuition and inner guidance. At every step in this intriguing story, she pauses for you to apply her steps to your own personal situation and journey. What do others say about such an unusual synthesis of skill and honesty?

“Nancy Daly’s journey of personal transformation should resonate with anyone who has ever wondered what it takes to seek out and manifest their higher purpose in life. Thank you, Nancy, for sharing with us your analytical tools, valuable insights, and profound passion to make a difference!” Burt Woolf, President, Center for Quality of Life.

"As all of us reach inevitable thresholds, Nancy Daly, through her story, takes us by the hand to recognize them. With that awareness, she demonstrates that by following our passions we can find a comfortable balance between intuition and organized design to a deeper meaning in our lives." Robert W. Elliott, Executive Director of the New York Planning Federation and Past President of the New York Conference of Mayors.

“Nancy’s sharing of her transformative journey gives us the courage and skills to persevere with our own path toward greater fulfillment and purpose.” Dr. Marilyn Balcombe, Ph.D., Organizational Psychology.

While reading this book, you will be swept away with possibilities and tangible methods for identifying and fulfilling your highest goals and passions. When you finish reading, you are equipped with tools and examples to begin a focused, passion-filled plan for living with greater purpose, higher energy and deeper joy.


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About the Author
Nancy R. Daly Nancy Daly is an award-winning business strategist, consultant and speaker on transformational change. National clients seek her facilitation of breakthrough change with her unique combination of analytical intelligence and creative intuition. This former CFO lives in Florida with husband, son, dog, ocean, art and a newfound passion for living.



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