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Houdini by T. J. Banks


by T. J. Banks

192 pages
Houdini, a lost Siamese, searches for his girl.

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Category: Fiction:Young Adult
About the Book
"A Siamese only gives his heart to a human once...." For Houdini, an abandoned down-on-his-luck Siamese kitten, that human is Jill Leonard, the girl who smuggles him home aboard an airplane. He lives a good life out of doors with Jill's other cats. That life has dangers of its own, however, as he discovers when he inadvertently strays far away from his home.

Lost and injured, Houdini finds safe haven with a cat-loving artist. But his longing for the child who first gave him love and a home is as intense as ever, and he is determined to find his way back to her.


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About the Author
T. J. Banks T. J. Banks is the author of SOULEIADO (Five Star 2002) and "Derv & Co.," a regular column on CleverKitty. Her work has been widely anthologized and won awards from the Cat Writers' Association, BYLINE, and THE WRITING SELF. She is also a Contributing Editor with LAJOIE.



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