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A Time for Shadows by T. J. Banks

A Time for Shadows

by T. J. Banks

208 pages
A nurse's WWI story

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Category: Fiction
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About the Book
Wanting to "make a difference," young Iris Amory joins the Red Cross as a nurse and finds herself serving in a hospital over in France during World War I.

Iris gets her heart broken open -- once or twice (at least) -- by it all and is transformed by the horror around her, becoming a strong, compassionate woman and an inspiration to Dawn Kailey, the young journalist she tells her story to.


"[T]his book, like similarly powerful novels set in dark moments of history, ultimately conveys a story of hope, love, and inspiration. ...I feel uplifted. Skillfully written, peopled with memorable characters, and driven by larger-than-life events, this is a book I both enjoyed and admired."
- -- Joni B. Cole, TOXIC FEEDBACK
"A tale of peace and war, life and death, passion and despair, love and loss. Mostly, it is a timeless story of survival and hope that transcends generations. This is a work of fine art turned into a masterpiece."
"The novel is rich and poignant, sparing nothing of the gruesome reality of war at its most horrific....Iris stays with me. Long after the last page was turned, I sensed her spirit close, a sign of great writing in my opinion."


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About the Author
T. J. Banks T. J. Banks is the author of Sketch People, A Time for Shadows, Catsong, Souleiado, and Houdini, which writer Cleveland Amory called “a winner.” Catsong was the winner of the 2007 Merial Human-Animal Bond Award. She has received writing awards from the Cat Writers’ Association, ByLine, and The Writing Self.



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