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Moonlight & Grace by T. J. Banks

Moonlight & Grace

by T. J. Banks

208 pages
Artist Grace Tyne inherits her godmother's property, only to discover that there's at least one ghost in residence.

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Category: Fiction:Paranormal
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About the Book
“Land has memory,” Dr. Mullen tells his old friend, artist Grace Tyne. She learns the truth of those words when she inherits her godmother’s home. The house and the grounds are holding on to one memory in particular: the alleged suicide of a young woman there a few years earlier. The otherworldly happenings that follow lead Grace to question many things…including the wisdom of taking on a place that is already possessed.

Drawn into the mystery surrounding the girl’s death, Grace receives unexpected help from two kindred souls -- an elderly neighbor and Moonlight, a telepathic Abyssinian cat. Through them, she learns that the world is indeed full of magic, not all of it good, and that ghosts may take many shapes. And that this inherited place of memories may still have the capacity to forget....


T. J. Banks has done it again. Her new cat protagonist and the rest of the furry gang provide a perfect match in this fresh novel with a strong storyline. Ghosts, witchcraft, telepathy, it's all here. And -- minus spoilers -- you'll never look at your cat in quite the same way after reading Moonlight & Grace.
- -- Tom Morganti, DVM, Totenkopf, The Ziyarat Heresy, & The Manticore Affair and Others (Nine Tales of Disquiet and Unease)


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About the Author
T. J. Banks T. J. Banks is the author of eight books, including A Time for Shadows, Abys Among Us & Other Stories for the Feline-Inclined (winner of the 2020 Cat Writers’ Association Muse Medallion for Non-fiction Books), and Catsong (winner of the 2007 Merial Human-Animal Bond Award).



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