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Nothing but Blood and Slaughter, the Revolutionary War in the Carolinas, Volume Three, 1781 by Patrick O'Kelley

Nothing but Blood and Slaughter, the Revolutionary War in the Carolinas, Volume Three, 1781

by Patrick O'Kelley

551 pages
Volume Three of the acclaimed Revolutionary War series in Carolinas

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Category: History
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About the Book
In Nothing but Blood and Slaughter, Volume Two, the British had conquered Georgia and South Carolina, and had turned their attentions towards North Carolina. By 1781 the British government thought that the war in America was all but over and they could now focus on France and Spain. Though the war had turned against the Patriots, they were not finished. The British had all but won the war in the colonies, but they had not won the peace.

Many of Lord Charles Cornwallis' army had been taken prisoner at King's Mountain in 1780. Cornwallis knew that if he marched into North Carolina the supply lines to his army would be spread thin and Patriot guerillas would be able to strike at will. There was a possibility that he could be cut off from any support and destroyed. However Cornwallis also knew that to destroy the enemy he had to carry the war to them. He could not do this in South Carolina. Against orders from his commander in New York City Cornwallis decided to carry the war into North Carolina.

In Nothing but Blood and Slaughter, Volume Three, the war continues its bloody course. The Revolutionary War was decided in the forests and plowed fields of the South. Huge lumbering armies brought the war into the low country and the piedmont while roving bands of guerillas harassed each other. Americans fought Americans in a bloody civil war. Past grievances against neighbors were paid with blood and fire by the partisans of both sides.

Volume Three is the third volume in a series of four that attempts to list every single military action, no matter how small, in the Carolinas and the Savannah River region of Georgia. Critics have called the series "the most complete history of the war in the Carolinas" and "a 'MUST HAVE' for any military history library of the American War of Independence."


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About the Author
The author, Patrick O'Kelley is a decorated combat veteran and is retired from the US Army Special Forces. He is currently a Junior ROTC instructor in North Carolina and has been a Revolutionary War reenactor and living historian for over 25 years.



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