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Nothing but Blood and Slaughter - The Revolutionary War in the Carolinas, Volume One, 1771-1779 by Patrick O'Kelley

Nothing but Blood and Slaughter - The Revolutionary War in the Carolinas, Volume One, 1771-1779

by Patrick O'Kelley

439 pages
Nothing Blood Slaughter Revolutionary War Carolinas South Patriot British Battle

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Category: History
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About the Book
The might of the greatest military in the world was brought to bear on a people that possessed no navy, no army, no industry and no economy. Conquering these people proved to be rather easy. Their amateur armies were no match for the might of one of the greatest nations in history.

Winning the battles was easy, however all across the frontiers a handful of guerillas did not surrender. Some fought because they believe the propaganda spread by a biased media. Some fought because they believed it was a Holy War, and the enemy was godless and sacrilegious and had to be destroyed with fire and sword. Even old enemies were considered friends, as long as they could help defeat this arrogant superpower. Is this Afghanistan, or Iraq in the 21st century? No, it is the newly created United States in the 18th century.

Most people know of Lexington and Bunker Hill, but very few people know that the Revolutionary War was fought and won in the South. The war in the South included the bloodiest battles, the longest siege, the worst defeat of the war, and the largest loss of life for the French allies.

At the time of the Revolutionary War Britain was the mightiest nation on Earth, but the Revolutionary War was their "Vietnam". The war in the Carolinas looked more like Bosnia in 1992 than combat in the 18th century. Most of the actions in the Carolinas were fought between Americans, with no British troops at all, in a true civil war. Many of the Southerners were Scotch-Irish Presbyterians who had emigrated from Scotland and Ireland to the Carolinas in the 1760s, and thought the British were blasphemers. The constant bloodshed on Southern mountains and fields led the British to the decision to negotiate a "peace with honor" that ended the war.

Nothing But Blood and Slaughter: The Revolutionary War in the Carolinas is the first volume of three that endeavors to list chronologically every single military action, no matter how small, in the Carolinas and Georgia. This is the most complete history of the war in the Carolinas that has ever been written. Historians, war gamers and genealogy researchers will find this book a must for their bookshelves.


This collection is a chronological listing of everything from small skirmish raids that really aren't much more than bandit attacks, through the major actions of the war in that theater. Mr. O'Kelley includes a very comprehensive Order of Battle of units and leaders for each action with extensive and thorough endnotes. This is the, I say again, T H E best compilation of information on the Southern campaigns that I've seen in decades of reading. He's got it all - literally everything that can be found regarding any action in this theater of war. If you have any interest in the American War of Independence, you really must have this book. Buy it. You'll like it.
- Jay Callaham, BAR Newsletter


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About the Author
Patrick O'Kelley Patrick O'Kelley is a decorated war veteran of two wars, who retired after 20 years from the US Army Special Forces in 1999. He is currently a Junior ROTC instructor in Sanford, North Carolina. He has been a Revolutionary War reenactor and living historian for over 25 years.



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