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Nothing But Blood and Slaughter, The War in the Carolinas, Volume Two, 1780 by Patrick O'Kelley

Nothing But Blood and Slaughter, The War in the Carolinas, Volume Two, 1780

by Patrick O'Kelley

564 pages
Every single Revolutionary War action in the two Carolinas during 1780.

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Category: History
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About the Book
In Nothing but Blood and Slaughter, Volume One, the British had gained a foothold in the South, and had begun their move to retake the Carolinas. Their objective was to capture the largest port and richest port south of New York City and destroy the Southern Continental army.

In "Nothing but Blood and Slaughter" The Revolutionary War in the Carolinas, Volume Two, 1780, the fight for Charleston become the longest siege in the American Revolution. When the beleaguered forces surrender, it becomes the worst defeat in of the United States Army until the fall of the Philippines in 1942. The British quickly capture South Carolina, and the end of the war looks very near. The British begin plans on dividing up the country when the war will be finally over, and under British rule again.

What the British did not anticipate is how to win the peace. This book chronicles the Presbyterian uprising, when Irish backwoodsmen take on the British army in guerilla warfare. This would lead to full scale partisan warfare that would drag every bit of British men and equipment into the fight. A second Southern army is defeated at Camden, and the British appear to be unstoppable, except for the never-ending guerilla warfare along their supply lines. Finally the British attempt to occupy North Carolina, which will end in a disaster at King's Mountain.

This book is the first volume of four that attempts to list every single military action, no matter how small, in the Carolinas. The series has been called "the most complete history of the war in the Carolinas" and "a 'MUST HAVE' for any military history library of the American War of Independence" by critics.


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About the Author
Patrick O'Kelley Patrick O'Kelley is a decorated veteran of two wars, who retired after 20 years from the US Army Special Forces in 1999. He is currently a Junior ROTC instructor in Sanford, North Carolina. He has been a Revolutionary War reenactor and living historian for over 25 years.



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