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Executive Order 211 Falcon Agency by W. Robb Robichaud

Executive Order 211 Falcon Agency

by W. Robb Robichaud

320 pages
Final novel of the Executive Order 211 Trilogy.

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
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About the Book

The Final Novel of the Executive Order 211 Trilogy

Due to the confusion and lack of cooperation in the intelligence community prior to the 9-11 tragedy, the president issues a directive which empowers Falcon Agency as the overseer of all the United States intelligence branches. He firmly believes that if these agencies had shared all their information, September 11, 2001 would have been avoided.

A false prophet emerges in the Middle East and unites renegade Arab country leaders and dictators in formulating a plan for the Islamic religion to become the world's dominate power. Is he the anti-christ?

Saddam Hussein and the Prophet al Amin plan a terrorist attack against the United States using Iraq's biological weapons of mass destruction. If successful, millions upon millions of Americans will be killed and the U.S. will become subservient to the prophet.

Falcon Agency uncovers the plot and uses every means and asset available to stop the attack by terrorist cells hidden within the United States borders.

Author W. Robb Robichaud has saved the best for last in his Trilogy. Did this event actually occur?


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About the Author
W. Robb Robichaud

As a pilot for 17 years in the private aviation industry, Robb worked several years in the Middle East. He has transformed his global experiences into an intriguing, suspense filled set of action/adventure thriller novels.

He received his college education at University of Wisconsin-Platteville and resides in the Mid-West with his spouse and family.



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