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Executive Order 211 Afghanistan by W. Robb Robichaud

Executive Order 211 Afghanistan

by W. Robb Robichaud

326 pages
The search for Usamah bin Laden continues in Afghanistan.

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
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About the Book

Executive Order 211 Afghanistan
Book II of the trilogy.

Intellegence information gathered from Falcon Agency's last mission to Afghanistan, mandates that they go to Iraq and remove Saddam Hussein's hidden weapons of mass destruction. The mission reveals an unsuspected surprise.

After the Iraq operation, the president decides it is now imperative that Falcon Agency permanently remove Usamah bin Laden and Al Qaeda in Afghanistan.

While in search of the "Number One World Terrorist" in the Tora Bora White Mountain range, 9/11 occurs and the mission objective takes a dramatic death and destruction turn.

Daniel White is the last person to see Usamah bin Laden alive. The question the United States President and the world wants to know to this date, "Is Usamah bin Laden alive or dead?"

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About the Author
W. Robb Robichaud

W. Robb Robichaud retired as a commercial pilot after seventeen years in the private aviation industry and served in Vietnam as a helicopter gunship pilot.

As a civilian pilot, he traveled the world and worked several years in the Middle East. Robb has taken his global experiences and transformed them into an intriguing, suspense filled and intense action thriller.



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