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Executive Order 211 Al Qaeda by W. Robb Robichaud

Executive Order 211 Al Qaeda

by W. Robb Robichaud

368 pages
The search for Usamah bin Laden and Al Qaeda terrorists.

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
About the Book
"A Journey into the Dark Dangerous World of Assassination and Terrorism."

W. Robb Robichaud's new fiction novel is destined to reach the heights of all bestseller lists.

This modern day spellbinding thriller, takes the reader into the intriguing covert depths of the hostile Middle East in search of Usamah bin Laden and his Al Qaeda terrorist associates.

Falcon Agency, comprised of a select group of highly trained ex-Navy SEAL and Green Berets,conduct covert clandestine assassination missions into Somalia, Afghanistan and Iraq. These assault missions produce dramatic and unexpected results. Discovered maps, manuals, documents and videotapes are confiscated. The undisputable and conclusive hard evidence, proves that Usamah bin Laden and his worldwide Al Qaeda terrorist network, are planning to attack the United States of America.

Truly a suspense filled, exhilarating novel that captures the reader's soul with plot twisting, continuous heart stopping action. This true to life story will take you, the reader to the edge of Jihad.


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About the Author
W. Robb Robichaud W. Robb Robichaud retired as a commercial pilot after seventeen years in the private aviation industry.

As a civilian pilot, he traveled the world and worked several years in the Middle East. He has a very good understanding of Arabic culture, philosophy, religion, people and terrain.



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