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28 Days to a Better You: Devotions for your best year ever by Bob Weaver

28 Days to a Better You: Devotions for your best year ever

by Bob Weaver

116 pages
By spending less than five minutes every day for the next 28 Days, you will learn positive life improving skills that will make each day better than the one before.

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Category: Religion:Devotional
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About the Book
Life is a series of struggles that begins with grasping for our first breath and ends with trying to hold on to our last one, and in between we must strive to find the best that life has to offer us. I know very few people, if any, who are completely satisfied with the way their life is going day in and day out. The problem for many of us is that, while we recognize that things are not what they could be, we lack the discipline or direction that is necessary to make the move from where we are to where we want to be.

28 Days to a Better You will help you find your best life possible by giving you the tools to help this next year and all the years after your best life ever.


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About the Author
Bob Weaver Born to an unwed preacherís daughter in the early 1950s, you would think the odds of having a successful life would have been stacked against him, but just the opposite would be true. The foundation of his grandparentsí home and a loving church community would eventually lead the author to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ that knew no boundaries. He has lived and is living a blessed life.



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