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A Long Line of Messed-Up Fathers and Sons by Bob Weaver

A Long Line of Messed-Up Fathers and Sons

by Bob Weaver

176 pages
Every son is molded and shaped by the male influencers in his life, but he is not confined to that mold. This book will offer the skill set to implement or improve the relationship between fathers and sons.

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Category: Parenting:Fatherhood
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About the Book
I have a good friend that I have observed over the years and admire his many accomplishments. He is a best selling author, a successful pastor, a motivational speaker, and seems to have excelled in about every area of his life. I would never wish any of these things to be taken away from him, but I must confess there have been times in my life when I was a bit envious. The one major difference between his life and mine was that he also had a tremendous father who had also been a successful pastor, a college president, and a much sought after professional speaker. I said to myself, ď If I had a father like he did, I could have accomplished much more in my life.Ē The words barely came out of my mouth when I heard God say in my spirit, ďWell, you didnít have a father like he had, but you can be a father like he had.Ē

Those words spoken so clearly to me that day have prompted my efforts over the last forty years to try and be a good dad. They were the genesis of this book. I wish that I could say that I flipped a switch that day and was a great dad all of a sudden, but thatís not the way it played out. I am better than I was but I am still not what I would like to be. My prayer is that something may be said here that will challenge you to try to be a better dad. As I said it is something of a process, or maybe a journey would be a better way to describe it. My advice? Keep walking in the right direction. Donít stop, even when you fail, and you will fail, we all do, just get back in there and keep on keeping on. You have my love and prayers.

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About the Author
Bob Weaver Born the child of an unwed preacherís daughter in 1953, society probably didnít hold out much hope for Bob Weaverís future. He had no home, his mother had only a tenth grade education, and his father was absent. But through a spiritual encounter with God when he was fifteen years old and the nurturing of folks he met along the way, he has been blessed with a good life.

Some of his accomplishments include a successful career in pastoral ministries, and a graduate degree in pastoral ministry. He has two sons and has been married to the same woman for fifty years.

This is Bobís second book. His first one was a devotional entitled A Word from the Weaver and is available online at Amazon and other fine bookstores.



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