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A Moment in Time by Bob Weaver

A Moment in Time

by Bob Weaver

256 pages
If you could look five years into the future and change one thing would you be interested? Would you believe what you saw? Would you act on your new found knowledge? It could put you at a great advantage, or you could really mess things up.

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Category: Religion:Christian Living
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About the Book
There is an element to life that is just around the corner, itís outside of our line of vision and as such is unknown to us. If I told you could somehow see around that corner would you be interested? Thatís what some of the characters in this book are confronting with. The choices they make will come with consequences they could not have imagined.


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About the Author
Bob Weaver The author was intrigued by reading science fiction novels. They stretched his imagination and provided the possibility of a hopeful and limitless future. Later in life he was introduced to spiritual matters that only reinforced the idea of things beyond the everyday. He has combined these two elements in A Moment in Time.



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