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About Two Families by Martin A. David

About Two Families

by Martin A. David

160 pages
When violence, political upheaval, and the shadow of an impending war drove them out of Europe, two families set sail for the “golden land” of America. Their paths different. This is the story of the adventures that brought them together.

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About the Book
Two families, like so many before them, set sail for the “golden land,” of America. One family was drawn by the glow of the American dream. The other group was driven out of Europe by violence, political upheaval, and the ever-darkening shadow of an impending war.

Their paths to America were as different as can be imagined. One family landed in the western wildness of Texas in the early 1900s. The America they met, and learned to love, included fires, floods, and the great dust bowl.

The other family took the path known to millions of others and headed for New York. Their saga involved life in the teeming Lower East Side of the city, involvement in the rising labor movement, and participation in the Spanish Civil War.

Both groups survived and thrived through hard work and perseverance. Their stories are filled with drama and the full range of human emotions.

About Two Families is the story of the adventures that brought them together.


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About the Author
Martin A. David Martin A. David has published books, newspaper and magazine articles, essays, columns, and poetry. About Two Families was inspired by his families’ journeys from Europe to America. In addition to his writing, Martin is also recognized for his paintings, drawings, and handmade jewelry.



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