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MAKE EQ A HABIT by Hank Clemons


by Hank Clemons

102 pages
This book is about how to become emotional intelligent by making it a habit chunk by chunk.

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About the Book
As humans, we are all "creatures of habits". This book suggest we take advantage of this inherit skill and use it to become (more) emotional intelligent. You don't become emotionally intelligent all at once, it's done in chunks. By "chunking" emotional intelligence into manageable areas of importance and applying successful strategies over and over, they soon become habits. Success in one area can lead to success in another.

Make EQ a Habit provides a straight forward and easy to follow approach for becoming emotional intelligent. The book also provides relatable situations and scenarios to get you started. If you ever wanted to develop or improve your emotional intelligence, you do so by "chunking" it and making them into habits.


Make EQ a Habit takes the guesswork out of how to develop our emotional intelligence, one habit at a time. Dr. Hank provides a simple, step-by-step approach for the development of five EQ habits that are critical for success, regardless of the job we have or the role we play! His stories are engaging and effective at bringing the application of new behaviors to life.
- Carole Gill, Co-author of Better Questions Better Life
"There are no quick wins or shortcuts to acquiring Emotional Intelligence. This book is not only Encouraging and Motivating, it gives you clear and simple guidelines on how you can develop and grow with Emotional Intelligence. Why not Make EQ a Habit, your book of choice for a positive step in the right direction for you?"
- Jacqueline A. Hinds, Award Winning EQ Coach and Author of Journey to Empowerment Tackling the Bullies Within
Research has found that up to 40% of what we do daily is made up of habits. Emotional intelligence has been found to be strongly related to how well we do, not only at work but in all areas of our lives. It makes perfect sense then that we would spend some time and effort to develop good emotional intelligence habits in our lives. Dr. Hank has written an easy to read and apply book, full of suggestions, tools and guidelines on how to build emotional intelligence best practice habits that we can seamlessly use in our everyday lives.
- Harvey Deutschendorf, emotional intelligence specialist, speaker, and internationally published author of The Other Kind of Smart


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About the Author
“Dr. Hank” is founder, CEO and President of the Society of Emotional Intelligence (SoEI) International, LLC, EI Coach, author, and speaker. He is also a Training Partner with MHS and facilitates EQ-i certification workshops. He maintains a private practice as an Emotional Health and Wellbeing Specialist.



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