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The Trucker's Nightmare Never Ends: Book 3 by Chris Hanly

The Trucker's Nightmare Never Ends: Book 3

by Chris Hanly

356 pages
The Trucker's Nightmare Never Ends is a collection of short thriller stories involving the trucking industry with unexpected twists to them.

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Category: Fiction:Thriller:Psychological
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About the Book
The Trucker's Nightmare Never Ends is the 3rd fictional book in a series involving the darker side of the trucking industry. Every story is unique in that they all are different from the other stories. Each one of them has its own unexpected twist to them, leaving the reader pondering what it was they had just read.

From the fears that lurk in one's heart, including going into the dark secrets of the night, mixing things up with prostitutes, to deadly machines and into abandoned towns. Every story has its own web to weave as it draws the reader deeper into the darkest reaches of an industry that so few really can understand. Once you catch a glimpse inside, it will grab ahold of you and not let go.

Even in psyching yourself up for what is written in these pages you will not be prepared for it. The stories from The Trucker's Nightmare series will stay with you for a long time. Some of them you will never forget. And your perception in how you look at our great American truck drivers may never be the same again.


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About the Author
This is Chris Hanly's 3rd book in his thriller series called The Trucker's Nightmare. He continues to write part time while assisting in keep America's economy going strong as he runs his big rig around the country delivering much needed products. He lives in Huntsville AL with his wife Amelia, who has been such a strong person in his life, including supporting him as he is away from home for extended periods of times.



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