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The Trucker's Nightmare by Chris Hanly

The Trucker's Nightmare

by Chris Hanly

318 pages
Short stories about truck drivers and the trucking industry as a whole. Each story being completely different from the others, having its own twist to it.

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Category: Fiction:Thriller
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About the Book
The Truckers Nightmare enters a darker side of the events that take place in the trucking world. Things can change so drastically without a moments notice. The simple task of delivering a load to a customer could very quickly turn into a series of events where one could possibly be facing his own demise.

The events in these stories are about the lives, hardships, and unexpected, life changing circumstances that occur, in the lonely life of a driver out on the road. The fatigue, the stress, and the insanity that can consume the very life and can even go as far as to destroy one's family are written in these pages. The long hours, unexpected break downs, delays, and time away from home, along with the lonely nights and even longer days, test the men and women, bringing them to a point, in many cases of no return. Many of them allow the insanity that consumes them to run rampant in their lives, while others become victims of circumstances, unaware of the consequences involved. Others become victims of their environment, not being able to have a say in what happens to them.

The stories in this series are each written with its own unexpected story line and twists to throw the reader off.


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About the Author
Chris Hanly has been driving trucks for twenty years. His experience and the adventures he has gone through and seen has given him the ability and imagination in being able to write this book as well as the second book in the series, which will be released at a later date. He continues to travel around the country, writing stories in his free time while on the road and at home. Chris lives in Alabama with his wife Amelia and daughter Jetti, and son Trent, along with several pets.



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