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The Trucker's Nightmare Continues: Book 2 by Chris Hanly

The Trucker's Nightmare Continues: Book 2

by Chris Hanly

310 pages
The Trucker's Nightmare Continues is a collection of compelling short stories with unexpected and unpredictable endings. Each story is unique from all the others, revealing the darker side of the most important industry in the country, which often times goes unnoticed, until tragedy strikes and the media grabs a hold of it.

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Category: Fiction:Thriller
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About the Book
The Trucker's Nightmare Continues will pull you into the darkest reaches of a truck driver's mind. Every experience draws you deeper into the twisted lives of those involved in this industry. This is a world where truck drivers, prostitutes, homeless people, and some of the everyday people have to face situations beyond their control. Storms, thieves, plagues, death and life all bring about unexpected and horrific results, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake.

Many of the secrets are kept from the public's eye to keep some semblance of peace and security in this country, as the lives of those involved are drastically changed forever, or are prematurely ended.

Every horrific story in this second book of the series continues to bring the reader into the secret lives of the people hidden from the rest of the world, only to be left pondering what had happened in the end. The lives of those living in the nightmare as well as the reader will be forever altered. The question of where the line of sanity and insanity in these stories have a tendency to blend into each other as each of the stories continue to grow, leaving everyone in a state of potential danger.

The Trucker' Nightmare Continues will draw you deeper into the lifestyle of the men and women who keep this country running, and the dangers that they have to deal with, or bring into the world, on a day to day basis. As a result, your thinking will be altered. Some will take more caution in dealing with others, while some of you will throw caution out, challenging the trucking world to a challenge of life and death, simply to experience a small piece of the nightmare that exists out there. Either way, after reading this book, your life will be changed.


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About the Author
Chris Hanly has succeeded in writing the second book in his series The Trucker's Nightmare as he continues to run the roads across the U.S. in his big rig. With his experience and wild imagination, he has been able to bring to the audience some compelling tales that leave people questioning the reality of what is true or fiction in the trucking industry.



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