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Financial Accounting: A Mercifully Brief Introduction by Michael Sack Elmaleh

Financial Accounting: A Mercifully Brief Introduction

by Michael Sack Elmaleh

129 pages
The perfect introduction to accounting and bookkeeping for students, bookkeepers, business owners, attorneys and non-profits

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Category: Business:Small Business And Entrepreneurs
About the Book
This book provides an easy to read, concise introduction to accounting. The book is designed to help small business owners, accounting students, bookkeepers and non profit managers grasp the fundamentals they need to interpret and analyze financial statements. No prior accounting or business background is needed to understand the material in this book.

Topics Covered

The Fundamental Accounting Equation
Debits and Credits
Recording Transactions
Cash versus Accrual Accounting
Receivables and Payables
Deferred Revenue and Prepaid Expenses
Fixed Assets and Depreciation
Inventory and Cost of Goods Sold
Adjusting and Closing the Books
Compiling the Financial Statements
Gauging the Reliability of Financial Statements


For the person who has no knowledge of accounting and wants to understand the very basics this book is indeed a good brief introduction…explained at a level that a reader with no previous knowledge of accounting can follow.
- Harold McFarland
Michael has written an engaging and thoroughly readable overview of the accounting process so that you can actually understand it!
- John Nessell, President Restaurant Resource Group, Inc.
An easy to read, enjoyable guide to the basic principles that underpin accounting systems in businesses. Particularly useful in an educational setting as a supplementary reading to a technical textbook.
- Dr. Diane L. Boone, University of Maine, Augusta


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About the Author
Michael Sack Elmaleh Mike is a CPA and Certified Valuation Analyst with over forty years of accounting and appraisal experience. He is the author of "Goodwill in Small Service Businesses: Negotiating a Fair Price" and "Time Value of Money: Concepts, Applications and Formulas . He maintains a business appraisal practice in Miami, Florida.



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