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Time Value of Money: Concepts, Applications and Formulas by Michael Sack Elmaleh

Time Value of Money: Concepts, Applications and Formulas

by Michael Sack Elmaleh

103 pages
A complete easy to understand guide to time value of money concepts, applications, and formulas. The book covers compound interest, opportunity costs, discount rates, interest rates, present and future values.

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Category: Business:Professional Finance
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About the Book
This book provides a unique look at time value of money formulas. These formulas are used in a wide range of business and economic settings: computing compound interest,pension and retirement planning, installment and mortgage loans,bond pricing and capital budgeting.Time value formulas have even been used to describe how humans and animals choose between current and delayed gratification.

Rather than simply enumerating the formulas and describing the applications the author looks at the economic logic behind their development. The author alerts the reader that not all time value formula applications are equally valid and useful. This is a decided break from traditional uncritical introductions to the topic.

The author's writing style is jargon free,sometimes irreverent, informal and concise.


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About the Author
Michael Sack Elmaleh Mike is a CPA and Certified Valuation Analyst with over forty years of accounting and appraisal experience. He is the author of Financial Accounting: A Mercifully Brief Introduction and Goodwill in Small Service Businesses: Negotiating a Fair Price. He maintains a business appraisal practice in Miami, Florida.



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