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THE COSMIC NIGHTMARE by Lang Ramdin as told to Carl Spann


by Lang Ramdin as told to Carl Spann

157 pages
A universal war is raging. Scientific techno-immortals are fighting against an alien religion worshipping the god Zero who commands them to destroy the universe by polluting every planet and laughing people to death. A young mutant fights back.

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Category: Fiction:SciFi:High Tech
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About the Book
Intergalactic reporter Lang Ramdin gathers news of a young mutant genius fighting to stop an evil alien species from polluting every planet in the universe.

Death through laughter is their major weapon. They cause their victims to laugh themselves to death. Billions have perished hearing jokes told by the aliens as they pollute multiple worlds in the name of their god, Zero. It is Zero's aim to wipe out all reality as a bad joke and reduce everything to zero.

The young mutant genius created the science of techno-immortality. Scientific immortals are fighting to save all universes so that life can always be evolving higher.

All who follow scientific religion study the Physics of Divinity so they can evolve into scientific gods and take care of universal progress. All can run for the office of Supreme Divinity to serve a four-billion year term to keep evolution going. The young mutant is elected Supreme Divinity, but he faces assassination at the hands of Zero's fanatic followers.

A brilliant young girl studying at the University of the Universe swears an oath to fight and save Cosmic Democracy so that scientific immortals can keep evolutionary progress going on forever.


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About the Author
Lang Ramdin is an intergalactic space reporter covering the Universal Evolutionary War. His narrative was told to earthly writer Carl Spann to inform earthlings of the danger their world faces from a polluting alien species aiming to pollute and destroy all planets in our universe.



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