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REPORT ON THE COSMIC MUTANT: A Tale of Immortals Fighting for Their Lives by Lang Ramdin

REPORT ON THE COSMIC MUTANT: A Tale of Immortals Fighting for Their Lives

by Lang Ramdin

290 pages
A brilliant young cosmic mutant is being pursued by an enemy species who seek to possess his secret knowledge of building the greatest weapon of them all.

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Category: Fiction:SciFi
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About the Book
WARNING - Earthlings must be aware that their struggle to keep Planet Earth green and free of pollution is betrayed by a psychotic alien species seeking to pollute and destroy the universe.

Spreading terror from galaxy to galaxy they fight to capture a young cosmic genius born to oppose their sick comedy of universal death. He keeps secret the deadly equation they wish to find to help them accomplish their goal of wiping out all of reality.


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About the Author
Intergalactic reporter Lang Ramdin faces danger every second covering the endless battles of the Universal Evolutionary War for his news audience. Central to the conflict is the search for the cosmic mutant who holds the secret of a weapon to destroy the entire universe.



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