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THE STAR REVOLT: We Celebrate Earth Day why not celebrate Star Day? by Lang Ramdin

THE STAR REVOLT: We Celebrate Earth Day why not celebrate Star Day?

by Lang Ramdin

173 pages
Science fiction becomes science friction in the pages of The Mutant Trilogy. In Book One intergalactic reporter Lang Ramdin follows the search for the cosmic mutant across the universe. In Book Two he reports the mutant helping start a revolt of humans enslaved by the psychotic enemy. He points to the stars as their ultimate future destiny.

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Category: Fiction:SciFi
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About the Book
Intergalactic Reporter Ramdin has followed the news story of the enemy pursuing the cosmic mutant all the way to planet Earth. He learns the enemy is trying to obtain the horrifying formula for a frightening weapon. Known as the E-Bomb, when activated it will destroy the universe and all life within it. Only the mutant knows the basic equation needed for this to happen.

Hiding out on Earth he joins with others to spark a revolt against the enemy and their deluded earthling followers.

They came to earth spreading lies about their wish to save Earth from pollution. Little did their human followers know the enemy was playing one of their sick jokes. Their real aim was to feed planet Earth into the mouth of a black hole. Mixing horror with humor the enemy always enjoys acting out their sick comedy. The mad religion they follow hates life. They will crush any revolt against their creating the Holy Void of Nothingness they worship. Cosmic suicide is their alternative to the evolution of life and the existence of Reality.


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About the Author
Intergalactic reporter, Lang Ramdin keeps on following the biggest news story in the universe. His childhood on Warth, known as 'the Planet of Eternal War', prepared him to tell the news of the Universal Evolutionary War, the greatest war of them all. The biggest battle in cosmic history lies straight ahead.



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