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Code Name Sonny: Book One of the Code Name Series by K.E. Pottie

Code Name Sonny: Book One of the Code Name Series

by K.E. Pottie

165 pages
Its 1942. Joe is representative of many young American men of his generation: America and its Allies are at war with the Germans and the Japanese, and this New Hampshire teenager wants to be in the thick of it.

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Category: Fiction:Historical:World War Two
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About the Book
It's 1942. Joe is representative of many young American men of his generation: America and its Allies are at war with the Germans and the Japanese, and this New Hampshire teenager wants to be in the thick of it.

Joe got his wish in the spring of 1944.

In Code Name Sonny, a first novel by author Ken Pottie, the writer takes readers on a thrilling journey, zigzagging back and forth between Sonny's World War II experiences and Jack's modern day investigation into his dad's war service, as the latter tries to unravel mysteries by tying together pieces of historical recollection with current news stories.

When the past and the present collide, Jack realizes too late the danger lurking close to home.


CODE NAME SONNY is a movie waiting to be made. It is difficult to believe that this is a first book by K.E. 'Ken' Pottie because it so successfully captures the reader's interest from the first page to the last. It is told in two tracks - the factual events in 1942 - 1944 and the modern day year 2000 fictional events of the aftermath of the lead character of the book. And in a note from the author it is made clear that 'code name Sonny' was not the real code name for the author's father (Joe) but instead Sonny was the nickname the author's grandfather used for Joe (the true code name remains a secret to this day). It is this mixture of a true story about the author's father concerning events that happened in WW II brought up to date to the year 2000 in a way that allows the reader to feel involved in the depth of secrecy of the underground forces and offers a resolution of sorts to a life long puzzle. The author basically alters chapters between the war and the present and in doing so he creates fully developed characters with whom we all can relate.

1942: Joe and his friend Raymond live in New England in a town where all of the able men are off in the military. They are close friends but Joe longs for action: his two older brothers are already serving in the military and his mother forbids him to enlist. Because of Joe's fluency in French (his mother is French Canadian) and his knowledge of radio workings he gains the attention of the National Guard and is offered a secret mission to help the war effort. Joe accepts the opportunity, telling his parents that he is only going to a camp, but soon it is made clear that a larger assignment is in mind. Joe is soon off on a secret mission to England and then France, assigned a code name (Sonny) and with a French girl 'Marie' and a Spaniard 'Sergio' the triad is trained by Major Smythe to transmit and intercept radio messages to confuse the way in which the Germans make plans for the Allied invasion of France. The three young people are introduced to the French Resistance, trained by Henri, sheltered, and secretly pass radio parts to the French resistance. Of course the ever present Nazis discover the plot, terrible war crimes ensue, Sonny becomes close friends with Charlene, a child left without parents who are murdered by the Nazis in front of her, and the underground operations of Sonny, Marie, and Sergio make strange mutations. Something happens that Sonny will retain as a secret forever - almost.

Meanwhile in the year 2000, Jack, the son of Joe/Sonny, discovers some facts about his father's war efforts at an Elk's Club party, facts that are based on the secret his father has always harbored. Some inexplicable murders occur, a traveling woman speaker passes through town and it is from this point that the tension builds to a level that connects all the dots of the secret with the people from the past and the present. It is this transition between fact and fiction that makes the book a fascinating read.

Pottie's narrative abilities are excellent. He is unafraid to use French phrases when needed without translation, a bow to the dignity of the reader. He keeps the dialog embedded in the narration of the story in a manner that aids the flow of the unraveling sequences, and he successfully creates a contemporary situation based on his own life experiences that serve as the author's way of explaining the secrets that war tattoos on the minds of veterans. Few writers have described the French underground resistance is so real a manner. This is a strong book and one that hopefully will become a film.
- Grady Harp
Ken Pottie, in this amazing book, chose to give readers an insight into one of the really less written about subterfuges, which allowed the allies to overcome the all powerful German war machine during the 2nd World War. In this book he opens up the silent war fought behind enemy lines in France. The book describes how "Communication" using wireless sets delivered to the French Resistance by some very intrepid young men - the Unsung Heroes of the war - who risked their lives in the process, caused so much confusion among the Germans that the Allies were able to later successfully land in Normandy and finally win the war.

Ken Pottie uses great artistry to run the story in two parallel paths - alternating between the young heroes in France in 1940-42 and the same heroes now much older in the years 1999-2000, and Ken Pottie introduces tense action in both threads chapter by chapter, making this book a riveting one session read because he maintains live wire tension throughout - I read it at one go and am the happier for it. The lessons that some stories or the consequences of our actions, continue to have unforeseen repercussions right up to our old age, is a fascinating undercurrent in this extraordinary book. Joe the young soldier in WWII meets his vicious nemesis in a vindictive murderess who is the daughter of one of the most vicious and murderous German Soldiers in WWII who had to be eliminated by Joe and other people from the French Resistance.

The story has a poignancy that seeps into the readers soul when it revolves to scenes of Jewish Parents being murdered by the SS- and a child saved by Joe and a brave French family who risked their lives to save her. Enough said - this is undoubtedly a 5 Star Book - and is already a Winner or the Prestigious 2013 Readers Favorite International Book Award Contest - so I not only recommend it for reading - but recommend that it be placed in the "Favorite Books Book shelf at home too". Well done Ken!
- Deepak Menon
A long time ago, before smart phones and virtual reality, young men spent hours fantasizing about being flown off to some foreign landscape to fight for their country. One such boy nicknamed "Sonny" was such a lad. Mr. Pottie's tale of intrigue and espionage tells of Sonny's daring adventures behind enemy lines. As a songwriter, I was inspired by this compelling tale and I wrote a song about it. The song entitled "Charlene" is about the 8 year old Jewish girl's narrow escape from the hated SS. The song, now a video can be viewed at
- Kevin Danzig


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About the Author
K.E. Pottie Ken graduated from Norwich University in Vermont in 1980 and spent 13 years in military service in the Army, leaving at the rank of Major. During this time, he served as a company commander during Desert Shield and Desert Storm, earning the Bronze Star, Kuwait Liberation Medal and Combat Air Medal.



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