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INTERMISSION: Pirouettes and Promises - Book Two by Deborah Wynne

INTERMISSION: Pirouettes and Promises - Book Two

by Deborah Wynne

484 pages
Izzy’s journey continues in the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. After tragedy strikes twice, Izzy returns to New York City to rebuild her life. Meeting a famous actor with a rogue reputation and stellar dance skills may open her heart again for love.

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Category: Fiction:Romance:Chick Lit
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About the Book
Intermission, Pirouettes and Promises Book Two is the awaited sequel to Opening Act, Pirouettes and Promises Book One.

Isabella “Izzy” Roccine-Cramer’s journey continues in the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. With her wealthy husband Ashe Cramer as her producer, she stars in a movie based on her smash Broadway hit. Basking in their luxurious home, walking red carpets, and a surprise pregnancy, she and Ashe never dreamed of being so happy. Their joy is short-lived as someone from their past follows them to California, intent on destroying their lives. As one twisted traumatic event leads to another, Izzy is challenged to balance grief and motherhood while managing the Cramer fortunes.

Believing her dancing career may only be a cherished memory, she insists on relocating her family back to her refuge—New York City. She knows it’s the only hope of regaining her confidence and establishing a comfortable home for her children. Her anonymity, a thing of the past, becomes her most treasured wish as she is thrust into society’s upper crust.

Finding the desire and time to dance again seems impossible until a chance meeting with Hollywood’s most famous leading man. Callen Stone’s swagger and playful approach to life may be just what Izzy needs. Callen’s rogue reputation, in spite of his staggering good looks and exceptional dance skills, combined with Izzy’s fear of love may mean that their burgeoning relationship is ill-fated from the start.


Another home run for Wynne. Wynne’s ability to make you feel the emotions put on paper is remarkable. When tragedy strikes not once, but twice, it leads to some of the most heartrending chapters I’ve ever read. I was there each time Izzy cried, laughed, and just lived her life.
- Linda Thompson, Host of the Authors Show
Intermission is a page turner. It was a hard task to maintain the same level of gripping storyline achieved in her debut novel, but Ms. Wynne does not disappoint. This story of love, loss, and hope will have you crying and laughing in equal measure and rooting for its characters.
- Jess Van der Hoech, Author and Counsellor (UK), The Gap Bedfordshire
I love this series so much! Both Opening Act and Intermission are sinfully fun reads. Ms. Wynne’s writing is impeccable and captivating. Sophisticated and juicy. Every character comes to life as if they actually exist. Gleefully anticipating the next book in the Pirouettes and Promises Series.
- Sarah Turner, Realtor, Turner Realty


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About the Author
Deborah Wynne began writing as a young girl, filling dog-eared spiral notebooks with whimsical stories and terrible poetry. Ms. Wynne now writes to live vicariously through her characters and stories. Intermission is her second novel and the sequel to Opening Act. Both are part of the Pirouettes and Promises Series.



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