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OPENING ACT: Pirouettes and Promises - Book One by Deborah Wynne

OPENING ACT: Pirouettes and Promises - Book One

by Deborah Wynne

412 pages
Naïve in love and life, Izzy arrives in NYC with a suitcase full of dance shoes and dreams. Ultimately she must choose between true love, financial security and even her career.

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Category: Fiction:Romance
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About the Book
Winner: 2021 Firebird Book Award for Contemporary Fiction
Winner: 2021 Firebird Book Award for New Fiction

Isabella “Izzy” Roccine has never experienced a man’s kiss, other than a tight-lipped stage kiss. She knows nothing about romance and little about life. After landing a job on Broadway, she heads to New York City with a suitcase full of dance shoes and dreams. She’s made a promise to herself to finally fall in love.

When she thinks her very first boyfriend, firefighter Brandon O’Conner, rejects her because of a secret she has withheld from him, her life begins to crumble. Her career comes to a halt and she grabs a lifeline offered by a man that leads a duplicitous life. Ashe Cramer is a mega-rich socialite by night and porn star by day. He provides carnal pleasure and offers financial abundance to her, but his inability to connect emotionally means the relationship with Izzy remains empty.

As Izzy’s life continues to pirouette towards implosion, she considers returning home broken. When she’s given a second chance with Brandon, she’s determined to reclaim all that’s been lost. Resurrecting her determined spirit, she fights for everything and everyone important to her. Resilient and wiser, even unbelievable heartbreak doesn’t stop her from living the life she’s always imagined.

Opening Act is the first installment in the Pirouettes and Promises Series. Stand-alone. No cliffhangers.


Opening Act is one of the best debut novels I've read. Wynne is a talented author who writes with the depth and maturity of a seasoned novelist. It's not often a debut novel grabs me and won't let go, but this one did. I'll be recommending Opening Act to everyone.
- Linda Thompson, Host, The Authors Show
I enjoyed Opening Act immensely. It caught my attention from the very beginning and continued to hold my attention; the kind of book you don't want to put down. Wynne's description of the characters and scenery were just right and the book never bogged down. Opening Act is well done.
- Carolyn Brown, Retired Library Director, Kimball, NE
Opening Act will open your heart and mind to dreams and new beginnings. Wynne takes us on a journey of love, passion, and loss. You'll fly with her as she reaches for the stars on the stage. Prepare to laugh, cry, and console as Izzy discovers love and romance.
- Tan VanHuzien, Author and Poet


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About the Author
Deborah Wynne began writing as a young girl, scratching stories in her Big-Chief tablet. Opening Act is her debut novel. Formerly she worked in municipal government, private sector consulting, and was a business owner before becoming an author. Ms. Wynne lives in Colorado at the base of the Rocky Mountains.



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