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Poems and Thoughts: Observations and Commentary on Life, Love and Nature by Terence McSweeney

Poems and Thoughts: Observations and Commentary on Life, Love and Nature

by Terence McSweeney

56 pages
Poems and Thoughts is a collection of original art coupled with poems and commentary about life, love and nature. Each writing delves into the elegance and fury of the natural world and how we deal with our lives and values within it. The author challenges readers to see the beauty and excitement of a life grounded in nature and the human condition.

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Category: Poetry
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About the Book
This book is a collection of writing focused on the natural world and human interaction with it. Each writing is inspired by the oil painting displayed in the title and by the authorís observations and experiences throughout his life. Terence McSweeney began to paint in oils in 2016. He chose painting because it was an avenue for expressing the beauty of light and color all around us within the world. Most of his paintings are natural landscapes within this book, but as a painter he is always exploring different styles. He chose to write about how these paintings made him feel with the encouragement of his wife Joyce. One of his main goals as a teacher was to help students step out of their fear of ridicule in favor of stretching self-made limitations to become truly successful people. Life is meant to be lived not survived and that requires tenacity, observation and will. There will always be times that you will be uncertain, or you will doubt yourself. Do not listen to that call, for it is just noise. Rise up and present yourself to life. Dive in and make your mark. History is full of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. A fulfilling life is not for the timid. The paintings and writings in this book attempt to bring that message to the reader.



About the Author
Terence McSweeney Terence McSweeney is a retired middle school teacher of English and Social Studies with a BA in Political Science from Boston College and an MA in Elementary Education from Eastern Connecticut State University. He is also an artist and currently working on his first novel. All the paintings and writing in this book are his original works.



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