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The Quest: A Heroic Journey of Adventure, Rescue and Redemption by Terence A. McSweeney

The Quest: A Heroic Journey of Adventure, Rescue and Redemption

by Terence A. McSweeney

248 pages
This is the first book of the McGonegal Chronicles. It is the adventure of two brothers, Cillian and Patrick McGonegal and their companions as they work to unravel a mystery of an artifact that holds the key to time itself.

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About the Book

ESTEEMED ARCHAEOLOGIST CILLIAN McGONEGAL had gone missing. He was onto a discovery that would shake up what we know about ancient Egyptian mythology, its origins, time and our place in the world. Then he vanished. After two years, the McGonegal family had given up ever finding their famous member. Then one day a letter arrived for the other McGonegal brother, Patrick. It was astounding. Cillian was alive and whatís more he had solved the mystery of the Serpent Mound. There is danger in this discovery however, for not all who want answers have the noblest reasons as Cillian and his brother will soon discover.

The concept of time and space is relative, and it all begins with a stone artifact given to Cillian by a strange, shadowed figure who has the uncanny ability to appear as he wishes. Throughout their journey, Cillian, Patrick, and their fellow adventurers will be pursued by others who also want to possess the stone. The Quest is the first book of the series that plunges the reader into ancient history and myth presented through a modern tale of adventure, the mystical, honor and loyalty. Follow the McGonegal brothers as they navigate the perils of power and greed in their quest to find the truth.


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About the Author
Terence A. McSweeney Terence McSweeney is a retired middle school teacher of English and Social Studies with a BA in Political Science from Boston College and a MS in Elementary Education from Eastern Connecticut Sate University. The Quest is his third manuscript. His first book, Poems & Thoughts is a work of original oil paintings, poetry, and observations. Green Underwear, his second book by contrast is an autobiography about growing up in the fifties and sixties during the Cold war era. He is currently working on the sequel to the Quest, The Twelve Halls and a childrenís book, Little Oneís Big Day .



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