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Aspects of Sant Mat by Beryl Broekman

Aspects of Sant Mat

by Beryl Broekman

102 pages
Aspects of Sant Mat is about a spiritual path known as The Path of the Saints. This mystic path teaches the way to God-realization through the guidance of a living Master who has achieved that goal. The book is an explanation of some terminology connected with Sant Mat explained by energies from other dimensions in a poetic and philosophical style.

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Category: Body, Mind and Spirit
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About the Book
Sant Mat, otherwise known as the Path of the Saints or Surat Shabd yoga, is a spiritual path that transcends all religions. Through its teachings, many of the mystic concepts expressed in the great religious texts of the world are explained. Sant Mat has a terminology all of its own which becomes familiar as one follows the teachings.

Through her energy readings, Beryl has accessed the meanings of these terms from the perspective of other energetic worlds and transcribes them in this small volume in a poetic yet succinct style awash with unexpected metaphors and exquisite allegory.

For those initiated into Sant Mat, the most important task is to sit daily in meditation in order to reach god-realization. Anyone attempting this goal will know how difficult it is to discipline oneself to take the time for meditation in a world wildly demanding our attention at every turn. We are distracted constantly to do everything but sit.

Any device, in media or print, which can help us subdue the worries in our mind and inspire us to meditate is invaluable.

This beautiful book entreats us to remember God and the Master, and pulls us towards the knowledge that meditation is our most important task.

It is hoped that by reading it, followers of this path will be inspired to sit for the allotted time without having to struggle so much against the dictates of their minds.

Anyone who follows this path will find here a treasure trove of insight, inspiration and encouragement.
And for those who come into this space for the first time, this is a doorway opening to a new world of thought and philosophy that may or may not make any sense but will certainly calm the mind and feed the soul.


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About the Author
Beryl Broekman is an energy healer, and author of The Mystic Storyteller series. She has spent many years transcribing information from the unseen realms, making these unique perspectives accessible to the public through her books and blog posts. She has extensive training in self-development and healing through the mind/body/spirit connection.



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