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Poetry of the Archangels by Beryl Broekman

Poetry of the Archangels

by Beryl Broekman

111 pages
Would you like to meet the ten Archangels of the angelic realm in their own dimension and get to know them on a personal level? "Poetry of the Archangels" introduces us to these beautiful, powerful beings. We get to know what they look like, what their roles are and hear their thoughts and ideas in a unique book awash with light, love and healing.

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Category: Body, Mind and Spirit
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About the Book
In contrast to the plethora of information available about archangels and the angelic realm, this little book directly accesses the angels themselves and, through the unique ability of the transcriber, they are able to share their own views and insights through poetry and prose. Here we meet Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, Jophiel, Rejoice, Uriel, Samuel, Matthew, Muriel and Lucifer. Each of these magnificent beings has a special role to play in the Creation. Through this book we really get an idea of their characters and the way they think.

By means of energy readings, Beryl Broekman encounters the archangels in their own dimension. In “Poetry of the Archangels” she describes each of the ten archangels as she sees them and then proceeds to describe their roles in the Creation.

Once we have become familiar with each of the angels, it is then so beautiful to read the angels’ thoughts and discover the diversity and depth of their perceptions.

By the end of this book we feel we know the archangels on a personal level and are intrigued and delighted to find that their experiences are not so far from our own human ones. We sense that the angels care very deeply about us, and along with helping and protecting us they would also just like to be our friends.


Thank you Mystic Story Teller for introducing me to the host - I will seek them all reading the poems quietly under the stars where they may hear & hover near.
- Carolyn Chadwick
".... the work of a gifted psychic and energetic healer with the ability to communicate with beings from another realm. Beryl Broekman's description of the angels is simply enchanting and enables you to picture these magical beings floating up above. Reading these poems is surreal, soothing, inspirational, enchanting and hypnotizing.
- Faridah Nassozi - Reader's Favorite
The book appears to be a small one, but the thoughts that arise in one's mind, even after reading only a few paragraphs, are like tomes of philosophy and will surely change perspectives and open out new horizons for the reader to explore.....a monumental book recommended as essential reading.
- Deepak Menon - Reader's Favorite


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About the Author
Beryl Broekman is an energy healer, and author of The Mystic Storyteller series. She has spent many years transcribing information from the unseen realms, making these unique perspectives accessible to the public through her books and blog posts. She has extensive training in self-development and healing through the mind/body/spirit connection.



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