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Purposely Unchained: Empowered for a life of faith without fear by Muriel Gladney

Purposely Unchained: Empowered for a life of faith without fear

by Muriel Gladney

240 pages
This book is an inspiring presentation and proof of the eternal truth that Jesus' church will not be defeated. It brings Jesus' promise of His everlasting love and involvement in a believer's life off of the pages of the Bible and into the daily lives of today's women of God.

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About the Book
Purposely Unchained takes the reader on an enthralling roller coaster journey with the author as the Holy Spirit helps her little-faith grow into great-faith. It began with The Call by the Father to start a new life. From there, her life fell into the deepest of valleys of personal trials and demonic challenges. On the final approach back to safety, she was able to clearly see the mountain top of triumph.

Designed for the millions of women who formerly grew up without knowledge of God, and yet now fill the pews of churches around the world, Purposely Unchained humorously and yet biblically addresses the age-old issue of persecution that derails the faith of many Christians.

Purposely Unchained shares a guaranteed battle plan that will strengthen the woman of God in her walk of Faith, while also demonstrating how to gain victory over ungodly strongholds. This book shares a life-assisting plan of action in which the perpetual promise and power of Godís word is demonstrated several failsafe steps. It brings the biblical promise of victory off of the pages of the Bible and into the lives of todayís woman of God to let her know that yes, she can be free.†


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About the Author
Muriel Gladney The author, a former atheist whom God delivered out of the darkness of Satan's kingdom, was faced with a Catch-22 impasse inside the world of religion. The promised gift of eternal love did not equate with the written command that all Christian believers must endure suffering. Minimal scriptural understanding of the cost to follow Jesus, combined with demonic attacks and persecution, made the author prepare to run. But, led by the Holy Spirit, she stayed and received an unimaginable gift of freedom from lifelong, ungodly, strongholds. Great Faith was her reward. For this time and season, Muriel Gladney is the person to encourage the women of God who are struggling with their faith walk. The foundation of the authorís message is simple. Her current life as a warrior and ambassador for Jesus is unquestionable proof that a womanís past cannot invalidate her appointed and purposed kingdom job.



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