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We Are One by Muriel Gladney

We Are One

by Muriel Gladney

202 pages
God declared mankind's purpose on earth. It is unchanged. However, in many cases, women have been left out of the loop. The world shows the consequences. Women are the "Missing Link" in God's eternal plan. We are One fills in the gap. Women will know for a certainty God's truth about their true purpose. It will change a woman's life forever.

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About the Book
God declared in the beginning that the woman is an essential part of His plan to rule and reign over the earth. The 20th century spiritual redemption of author Muriel Gladney proves beyond doubt that mankindís fall from grace did not nullify God's plan, or the womanís vital role in the government of Jesus Christ.

Faith is the final frontier for the body of Christ. The mission of We Are One is to serve as a spiritual mode of transportation that will encourage women to explore a whole new world of complete trust in Jesus.

Those who embark upon this journey will boldly go where only a few have ever gone before. Upon arrival at Godís envisioned destination, women will see for themselves what thus saith the Lord about their Declared, Appointed, and Unchanged Purpose, in His plan.

Each generation of women has been searching for one answer for years. For the first time, in We Are One, women will understand why they have been pursued like prey. Lives will be changed forever by this biblical truth. In addition, the personal stories in We Are One clearly demonstrate an important fact. Neither race, religion, nor age, has altered the goal of the enemy of God.

Nevertheless, victory is guaranteed.


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About the Author
Muriel Gladney Author MURIEL GLADNEY is a living testimony of Godís truthfulness and His faithfulness to His Word. As a former atheist, who was transformed by God into an ambassador for Jesus, her new life encourages women to know that they are valued. And, a woman's past cannot nullify her God-ordained purpose.



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