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The Journey by Cheryl Shoquist

The Journey

by Cheryl Shoquist

668 pages
The mysteries of life; many people believe in the unique and puzzling possibility of reincarnation and past lives. To consider that we have lived before and had different lives is a fantastic conception. Wouldn't it be wild and wonderful? This book is a fantasy story.

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About the Book
People for years have studied the mysteries of life trying to unravel the truth behind the divine existence of human’s, where and when it started and how it evolved to where we are today. Many people don’t believe in reincarnation and yet many others do.

The possibility of the “past life” phenomenon is quite unique and puzzling. To consider that we have all lived before, had different lives, lived in different times that is a fantastic conception. 

In thought, wouldn’t it be wild and wonderful to have many different lives? If we all knew that this was a reality, would we disregard the difficult lives and choose to go on to the next? If we knew that there was a “do over,” so to speak, what impact would that have on the one that we are living? 

I find the whole conception of past lives exciting and intriguing. This book is a fantasy story depicting the mysterious realms of past lives and how it could have all began. I profess no specific knowledge or expertise on the subject. Everyone has an opinion and this is mine. I hope you enjoy the possibility of this wondrous depiction. 


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About the Author
Cheryl Shoquist Cheryl Shoquist's many years of writing includes 3 other published books, Drunkenland, Echoes in the Darkness, and Moments in Time. Her ability to write on different genre’s gives depth and an added adventure to her creations. She lives in the Pacific Northwest of Washington State with her children and grandchildren.



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