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Drunkenland by Cheryl Shoquist


by Cheryl Shoquist

260 pages
Can you escape Drunkenland or are you its next victim?

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About the Book
Drunkenland is an emotional realm caused and created by alcoholism. When people become addicted to alcohol, they enter the horrific world of Drunkenland.

Drunkenland is a world where evil rules and turns decent people into victims of its ruthless corruption. This is a book about alcoholism and all of the ugliness that it creates within the family unit as well as in every community. These stories are meant to give people an idea of what can happen to them when they turn their lives over to alcohol.

Alcoholism is an ever growing community and family problem. Do you know someone that is suffering from alcoholism? Do you know someone that is suffering from loving someone who is an alcoholic? There are many resources today for help, awareness and recovery. This book can give the reader insights into the disease, tools for recovery and an understanding into a disease that has the ability and the power to strip away the pride, integrity, courage and decency of any and every human being on this earth.

Read this book to learn how to steer clear of Drunkenland and how to release yourself from it's grasp, to regain your courage and fight the evils within Drunkenland, to win the war against alcoholism and win back your life.


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About the Author
Cheryl Shoquist Cheryl Shoquist wrote this book because she has known many alcoholics and their struggle with the up and down roller coaster ride of emotional and psychological destruction that it caused them. In an effort to bring about understanding and help to those struggling, she wrote this book.



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