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GLASSY AIR by Edward Ferri, Jr.


by Edward Ferri, Jr.

58 pages
A 58 page 8.5x11 color poetry book containing selected poems inspired by journal entries made during solo motorcycle touring in North America mostly ridden during the 1970's. There are over 70 color scenic "open road" photographs taken along the way including a photo index with detailed notes for each photo.

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Category: Poetry
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About the Book
A poetry book of reflective, serious and humorous poems from short to long inspired by a solo motorcycle touring era when vanishing points were your friends and you did not know if you would ever go back to where you came from. An era of a weathered road map folded to the universe of your current driving day at an eye’s glance. When for days on end every person you spoke to or met was a total stranger and you took note of what they had to say. It was a time of living as one with your motorcycle, your gear, your maps, your journal, your wits and yourself was the daily routine of solo “John Doe” travel when a hug meant more than a simple greeting or good-bye and even though you were so very alone, you were never lonely. A time when the rising sun pointed the way.

Scenic “open road” color photos of the day accompany the poems enhancing the reader’s experience of the poetry as if they were there themselves. There is a photo index giving subject, location and date of each photo.


A 'Wowzer!!... Great stuff'

Edward Ferri Jr. writes the full range of poetic lines from humorous to serious that make readers wish they had written them. His adventures on 'Little Curry' his motorcycle that took him on roads taken and not are chronicled and filled with people and places where we all would want to travel and people we’d love to meet. As a fan of Ed’s poetry, I say sit in a comfortable chair and enjoy the ride. Consider the photos a bonus.
- Zvi A. Sesling, Poet Laureate, Brookline, MA. Editor, Muddy River Poetry Review


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About the Author
Edward Ferri, Jr. EDWARD FERRI, JR. grew up on a "non profit" farm in the country on the dry side of the Santa Cruz mountains of California when bailing wire, gumption and spit were the "apps" of the day. He was first infected with the disease of motorcycling while in the 6th grade of a one room country school when he assumed possession of his big brother’s derelict 1958 Sears Allstate Cushman motor scooter. An event that more than tripled his summer time fishing territory once he got it running. He is a strong believer in the spirit of Boo Radley and he still savors lessons learned during the “missing miles” lived on the roads of North America when motorcycles had carburetors, pushrods, points, spokes, drum brakes, kick starters and a tank slapping personality that could kill your sorry ass if you lost respect for the intrinsic risks of living life on a motorcycle. His long legged steed “Little Curry” once broke down in Binghamton, NY where it took a week for repairs but 2 years to leave. If you give a carburetor tickle hoot, he is a graduate of SJSU and one really cold snowy night at the Big 8 Motel in El Reno, Oklahoma. His poems, including many in Glassy Air, have been published in Lucidity Poetry Journal, Eskimo Pie, Muddy River Poetry Review, Still Crazy Literary Magazine, Agave, Hobo Camp Review, Haiku Universe, Shot Glass Journal, Main Street Rag and Constellations.



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