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The Fourth Son by Brien Brown

The Fourth Son

by Brien Brown

346 pages
In 1691, a privileged French noble is forced to go to America. Jean-Marc is taken prisoner, sold into servitude, becomes a brewer, and falls in love with Abigail. They escape into the wilderness after he kills their master defending her and survive with the help of a Lenape warrior.

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Category: Fiction:Historical
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About the Book
The fourth son of the Comte dí Artois was raised to be a French noble. Nothing but his swordsmanship prepared him for life after his fatherís death. The first son inherited the title. Arrangements had been made for his brothers and sisters. Why were none made for Jean-Marc?

Forced to be self-supporting at sixteen, he accepts an offer of passage to New France.

Stranded on the coast of Maine, he struggles to survive. Befriended by natives, then taken prisoner by English colonists, he is sold into servitude. Bought by a brewer in Boston, he learns a trade and falls in love with Abigail. Jean-Marc kills their brutal master to defend her. They run for their lives into Pennsylvaniaís wilderness, only surviving with the help of Tamaqua, a Lenape warrior.

In time they use Jean-Marcís brewing skills to build a new life for themselves, but nothing stays hidden forever.

What will they do when they are found out?



About the Author
Brien Brown Brien Brown is retired from a career teaching history and geography and coaching wresting. His hobbies include gardening and martial arts. He is a Tae Kwon do master instructor. The Fourth Son is his first novel.



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