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Abigailís Tale: Book Two in the Bompeau Family Saga by Brien Brown

Abigailís Tale: Book Two in the Bompeau Family Saga

by Brien Brown

215 pages
In 1702, Abigail loses both husband and home in a fire. Struggling to raise her infant son, she takes in Tilly a twelve-year-old orphan. They leave their cabin in West Jersey to help a young slave boy escape to freedom in New France. They can expect help from Tamaqua, a Lenape warrior, if they manage to make their way to the Hudson River.

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Category: Fiction:Historical
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About the Book
Abigailís husband is lost, presumed dead, in the great fire that destroys their home in colonial West Jersey. She refuses to believe he is dead.

Without a man to support her, Abigail struggles to provide for herself and her baby, taking in laundry, spinning, weaving, sewing. Then she takes in Tilly, a young orphan girl.

While gathering thistle they meet Caesar, a young runaway slave. After feeding him in secret for several days, they decide to help him escape to New France, where he can be free. If they can find a way to get Caesar north of York City, to the Hudson River, their friend Tamaqua, a Lenape warrior, can help them. But they have to get there first.

How will a woman and a girl, traveling with a baby, get a fugitive slave from Burlington, West Jersey to the Hudson? Then, how will they make their way through a hostile frontier, made more dangerous by inter-tribal warfare?

Abigailís Tale, Book Two in The Bompeau Family Saga, is the sequel to The Fourth Son.


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    In 1691, a privileged French noble is forced to go to America. Jean-Marc is taken prisoner, sold into servitude, becomes a brewer, and falls in love with Abigail. They escape into the wilderness after he kills their master defending her and survive with the help of a Lenape warrior.


About the Author
Brien Brown Brien Brown is retired from a career teaching history and geography on the secondary and collegiate levels and coaching wrestling. His hobbies include gardening and martial arts. A Taekwondo master instructor, he lives in Connecticut, with his wife, Terry and Cayenne, their German Shepherd.



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