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POEMS OF LOVE AND GRACE by Robert E. Scrivner


by Robert E. Scrivner

396 pages
It is my great pleasure to offer you a poem a day for your health and happiness. Remember, you can know God's love and grace every day. Think of it, ever-present great friends sharing your daily living, as you join me in special poems of the Holy Spirit's inspiration.

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Category: Poetry
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About the Book
Let us understand good Christian poetry and how it relates to you. 1) Born of biological parents, you are, naturally speaking, a member of the human species. That's nice! You have responsibilities to be the best you can be. 2) You have a human brain that houses an intellect, a human will and human emotions. This is often troublesome. 3) You are also an eternal spirit being with a search mechanism that seeks perspective and purpose.

You need good Christian poems for reasoning that allows you to perform at peak proficiency. So why not try a daily poem to lift your spirit higher toward our Lord Who loves you heart to heart.

I care about you deeply. Maybe it is time to start a solid regimen of Godward communication. You cannot go wrong with a poet psalm to cheer you on your way.

Please join with me in my way of listening and hearing from God. I am sure you won't be sorry.

In love and grace,

Robert E. Scrivner


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About the Author
Living in Gladstone, Oregon, Robert has been writing very good Christian poetry for 35 years. Many have enjoyed his poetic presentations and urged him share on a greater level. Bob is eager that you might relax and thoroughly appreciate a fine book of good Gospel poetry.



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