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Ten Toes Tall - Volume 1 by Robert Scrivner

Ten Toes Tall - Volume 1

by Robert Scrivner

164 pages
Excellent Christian poems Robert is pleased to share with you!

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Category: Poetry
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About the Book
This book is meant to be one of four mini books of excellent Christian poetry. It is my desire that you purchase all four of the mini books as a special once a year offering so that you might enjoy at least one poem a day through out your year. I think you would also very much enjoy your bigger buy of all four volumes, in order that you might take advantage of sharing one of the thirty December Christmas poems with your friends. Once you purchase the entire work you will be able to send via the internet 30 original Christmas poems to thirty or more friends.

In Volume 1, my Easter poems are sure to warm your heart March 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

The Gospel is good news. Gospel poetry is the good news shared in a most delightful format. Good poetry is good to find. The more you read the more you like it. Good poems kind of grow on you. I know you will appreciate a poem that warms your spirit and ignites your mind. Hopefully you will encounter many such poems among my collections of inspired writings. It is my desire that your spirit soars and your mind rejoices.

Sharing the good news in good metered lines that rhyme makes hearing the Gospel exciting. Heaven, health, and happiness are my heart-felt desire for you and yours. You can have all three by reading good Gospel poetry!

Allow yourself to let your mind go as you meditate on these poems of redemption. Think of your life and how much Jesus means to you or could mean to you if you gave Him an opportunity. Immerse yourself in good Gospel poetry. Enjoy life to the fullest and truly be blessed.


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    It is my great pleasure to offer you a poem a day for your health and happiness. Remember, you can know God's love and grace every day. Think of it, ever-present great friends sharing your daily living, as you join me in special poems of the Holy Spirit's inspiration.


About the Author
Living in Gladstone, Oregon, Robert has been writing very good Christian poetry for 35 years. Many have enjoyed his poetic presentations and urged him share on a greater level. Bob is eager that you might relax and thoroughly appreciate a fine book of good Gospel poetry.



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