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SUNSHOWER by Arlene Holland


by Arlene Holland

514 pages
Four lives and four destinies were at stake. Mark thought nothing was more important than career. Lara believed family was more important. Zuzu wanted nothing but love. Brent considered money and power the most important of all things. Only God would know the outcome when these four lives collided.

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Category: Fiction:Christian
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About the Book
Lara Haskins wasnít giving up. She looked at the old phone book and made the call. Her husbandís desire for power and another woman had driven them apart, but she wasnít going to lose her home also. With her young son and her sister, Zuzu, she would save her home and began again.

Soon after his marriage with Lara crumbled, Brentís drug dealing business began to implode. But when his new friends, Mark and Rick, joined him in the business, he thought his troubles were over.

Mark and Rick were far from Brentís friends. They were undercover FBI agents dispatched to solve a mysteryóLara and Zuzu held a clue.


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About the Author
Arlene Holland Arlene Holland lives in Texas with her family and pets. After twenty-five years as a Corrections Officer, she retired and wrote her first novel, Sunshower. She continues to write every day.



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