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Moonbow by Arlene Holland


by Arlene Holland

572 pages
Mark MacDowell is investigating the most challenging case of his FBI career when he runs into the love of his life. He hasn't seen Zuzu Westbrook in years....

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Category: Fiction:Drama
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About the Book
Mark MacDowell, undercover FBI agent, is facing the epic battle of his career. A human trafficking ring in Texas is responsible for the disappearance of two young girls. The ring is protected by members of law enforcement. Mark must penetrate the shield of protection.

For over two years, Zuzu Westbrook, the love of Mark's life, has believed that Mark has been in prison.

When Zuzu discovers Mark's true identity, he must find a way to bridge the gap between them and find a way back into her heart.

Zuzu must risk everything to safeguard Mark and enable him to save the girls.

Moonbow is the sequel and final chapter of Sunshower.

Moonbow is a daring story of love and loyalty.


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About the Author
Arlene Holland Arlene served as a Corrections Officer for twenty-five years. She spends her retirement days fulfilling her passion for writing and spending time with family. She lives in Texas.



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