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Joshua: Life After Theos by Patricia Miller

Joshua: Life After Theos

by Patricia Miller

308 pages
For two teenage aliens escaping to Earth, the greatest challenge of surviving might just be one of the heart.

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Category: Fiction:Young Adult
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About the Book

FINALIST! 2019 Next Generation Indie Book Competition in the category of Young New Adult (ages 17+)

For two teenage aliens escaping to Earth, the greatest challenge of surviving might just be one of the heart.

Josuha's parents, leading scientists on Theos, have proof their kind can successfully live on Earth. Even so, the government of Theos prohibits first contact - deeming Earth a hostile and unevolved planet. When a deadly and fatal explosion takes his parents' lives, Josuha, a scientific phenom in his own right, disobeys Theosian law and escapes his homeworld - vowing to defend his parents' theories. But as his craft plummets toward Earth's surface, Josuha discovers that Mani, his ex-girlfriend and first love, is a stowaway.

Once on Earth, old tensions erupt forcing Josuha and Mani to live separate lives. One chooses to regress to high school for fun, games and no responsibilities. The other takes on the identity of a college freshman, for a life of logic and pure reason. But things soon take a turn for the worst as an unknown atmospheric anomaly starts to break down their body strength. The only solution - come together for an annual regenerative ritual.

Can Josuha and Mani survive their romantic past, fit in with the humans, and survive a deadly illness all while fighting evil forces aimed at exposing their secret existence? Find out by getting Book 1 of this young adult alien romance trilogy!


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About the Author
Patricia Miller Patricia Miller grew up in a small town in Ohio and has worked as a mental health clinical counselor for the past 25 years. When not writing, she enjoys hiking/biking weekend trips or indulging in British murder mystery marathons.



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