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Goodbye, Belvidere: A Hundred and Sixty Acres by Joyce Wheeler

Goodbye, Belvidere: A Hundred and Sixty Acres

by Joyce Wheeler

258 pages
If CJ Crezner had his way, the western prairie would still be a cattleman's paradise filled with tall grass and grazing cattle. However, progress is chugging its way westward with trains bringing more and more land hungry homesteaders. Will they be his friends, or his enemies?

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Category: Fiction:Westerns
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About the Book
Goodbye, Belvidere, A Hundred and Sixty Acres, is the first book of the Goodbye, Belvidere trilogy. It introduces us to CJ Crezner, a young man from Missouri who is on the run; not from the law, but from what his family expects of him.

His journey to the prairie of South Dakota in 1898 makes him an involved participant as free range cattlemen find they must give way to homesteaders. Change is in the air, and nothing demonstrates the differences more than the feisty washerwoman on Brave Bull Creek, and the beautiful preacher’s daughter from the capitol city of Pierre. As CJ dances with both of them under the starry Dakota sky, one irritates him with her honesty, and the other intrigues him with her charm.

History, mystery, romance and murder ride together as CJ tries to untangle his past and decide his future. Should he answer his family’s calling or should he stake his happiness on a hundred and sixty acres?


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About the Author
Joyce Wheeler Joyce Wheeler likes history, and especially history in her own area. The Goodbye, Belvidere trilogy weaves local history into her fictitious plots and characters, creating an immensely popular series that local readers enjoy.



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