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Goodbye, Belvidere: His Eye Is on the Sparrow by Joyce Wheeler

Goodbye, Belvidere: His Eye Is on the Sparrow

by Joyce Wheeler

244 pages
Blizzards, droughts, and Ma Tinner bring anxiety to the Crezners!

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Category: Fiction:Historical
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About the Book
The second book of the Goodbye, Belvidere trilogy brings the Tinner family back into the lives of CJ and Joanna Crezner. Sissy Tinner is positive the only thing that keeps her and CJ apart is Joanna. Lizzie Tinner knows deep in her heart the only thing that keeps her from being homeless and hungry is the same Joanna. CJ decides the only thing he understands for certain is that his wife seems destined for disaster and trying to prevent it is as futile as stopping the ceaseless prairie wind.

His Eye is on the Sparrow continues the Crezner family saga during homestead days in western South Dakota. Blizzards and drought and the growing anxiety from the war in Europe hover over the community. Yet the good times of neighborhood camaraderie and the addition of a claim shack school brings happy moments. Even Joanna’s formidable mother enjoys coffee and kolaches in a sod house, but she shares a growing concern for her daughter’s safety with CJ, and they both understand, without actually stating the fact, that Sissy Tinner wants Joanna gone.

CJ’s infamous temper roars to life when he attempts to give his sons swimming lessons in the newly built Belvidere railroad dam. It returns to lecture the area’s woman doctor, who is a more than a match for him...and his temper. But both occasions pale in comparison to the deadly and cold hatred he feels for the man who brings chaos and heartbreak to his family.

Once again his Sioux friend, Joker, rescues CJ from obliterating the object of his anger. In the process, Joker gives Sissy Tinner a lesson in the art of a Sioux drum dance. She was not a willing partner, much to the amusement of the curious bystanders.

History and fiction are woven together in this unforgettable prairie novel that completes book two of the Goodbye, Belvidere trilogy. His Eye Is on the Sparrow connects the famous hymn of the same name with Joyce Wheeler’s fast moving tale of life in the early 1900. The timeless encouragement of the song’s words brings comfort to the fictional Crezner family and their many friends. It is Joyce’s hope that its beautiful verses will bring comfort and joy to the reader also.


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About the Author
Joyce Wheeler Joyce Wheeler is the granddaughter of homesteaders and has both Bohemian and Norwegian ancestry. She grew up in the Belvidere area, and has roamed the same hills that the fictional Crezner family loved. She is uniquely qualified to write the compelling story of homesteaders in western South Dakota.



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