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by Lloyd Manning

102 pages
All pastors eventually grow old and they must vacate the pulpit. Uncertain about what to expect, many are unprepared for their next phase. The time to start preparing is now, not when it's too late. That is what this book is all about, Getting ready for a comfortable retirement...

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Category: Retirement
About the Book
Phasing out-winding down form an active life as a pastor and transitioning into a comfortable life in retirement must be a planned exercise. When you walk out of the church door for the last time, you will want to have your health, your wealth and your prestige intact. This will require meticulous advance preparation for the eventual day. It is important that you start preparing for your life in retirement.

Forty five percent of people enter retirement totally unprepared. Many failed to make comprehensive preparations, or made no preparations at all. It is essential that you prepare in advance for your retirement and what you will do thereafter. Age creeps up, too quickly. Time waits for no man. One day you are a busy pastor, an ambassador for God, drawing a salary, and respected in your community. The next day you are unemployed, out of the loop, maybe wondering what happened.

Those who have no savings, and are financially destitute, including some pastors, did insufficient pre-retirement preparation. Maybe they thought that it wouldn't happen to them. They were shocked when the day of departure arrived and it did. You need not let it happen to you. Start preparing now...


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About the Author
Lloyd R. Manning, holding the designations AACI, FRI, CCRA, P.App has over 30 years experience in the brokerage, appraisal and financial analysis of investment, commercial and industrial properties and businesses. He is a fully accredited commercial real estate appraiser and a Fellow of The Realtors Institute. He has written five books on real estate, business brokerage and appraisal, numerous articles for professional journals and trade magazines and has conducted numerous seminars on these topics in The USA and Canada.



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