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Seeds in the Wind - Book 3 by James D. Gutierrez

Seeds in the Wind - Book 3

by James D. Gutierrez

314 pages
This trilogy is a fictionalized autobiographical odyssey that's basically a memoir. It was written by a college graduate and Army veteran who dropped out in 1970 to become a protester hermit, who then gradually evolved into a pursuer hermit. Simplicity is his maxim; peace and quiet, his solace.

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Category: Memoir
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About the Book
Book 3 forms the denouement for SEEDS IN THE WIND. In Part Four, THE PLAN, Jahthra and Sprout put together bits and pieces and are gradually drawn into an unexpected adventure. “A Field Guide to Inner Peace for Dummies” serves as the ultimate addendum for Part Four.

In Part Five, THE CONCORD DANCE, Jahthra presents a personalized look into his life, with Sprout (now known as Cinnabar) still serving as his editor-in-chief. The author then says goodbye to his alter ego, Jahthra, and completes this trilogy as himself, James D. Gutierrez.

Not polluting our bodies, friendship, and the equality of all forms of life are recurrent themes in SEEDS IN THE WIND. Since this is a Fictional Memoir, distinguishing fact from fiction is left to the readers’ discretion.

SEEDS IN THE WIND is one continuous story throughout the following three books:

Book 1 –
Part One: from "The Legends of Cinnabar"
Part Two: Jahthra’s Journal

Book 2 –
Part Three: The Book

Book 3 –
Part Four: The Plan
Part Five: The Concord Dance


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About the Author
Now that this final book of SEEDS IN THE WIND has been completed, James D. Gutierrez has gone back to work as a hermit and avoids the 21st Century as much as possible.



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