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ONE TIMELESS DAY: Landscapes of a Soul by Jeri Castronova

ONE TIMELESS DAY: Landscapes of a Soul

by Jeri Castronova

290 pages
A collection on love, dreams, delusions, goddess, humor and more.

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Category: Poetry
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About the Book
Time is an illusion. Past, Present, and Future exist simultaneously in One Timeless Day. This collection on love, dreams, delusions, humor, the goddess, and more, is poetry for that day.

One Timeless Day
We heard the call of the Muse
and began our journeys into the many
Landscapes of the Soul.

“Behold your visions and dreams that now awaken you to who you are. You truly are a being of many facets, as a precious gem who comes out of the hard earth into the light. You have honored us by your steady mining over years of keeping us alive as you live your life and making us a part of it.” ~~ The Words

If you have sought enlightenment your whole life, as I have, you have most probably found much more than you ever expected. The Muse has shown me many timelines, yet none of it really matters except who I am now. After all, Time is an illusion.

All our lifetimes exist simultaneously: in One Timeless Day. May you find your truth. May you meet your soul.
May you shine your light into the world.
Goddess knows, we need it.

Arriving at the dock
the masks were gone,
And in their place
I saw my face
As if I’d just been born.

Then the ends of time bring future memory
Of the way we were and soon will be
In a Golden Age to claim our rightful place
When the Gods are eclipsed
By the Human race.

Jeri Castronova is an
Award-Winning Author
of fiction, nonfiction, and
poetry. This is her ninth book.


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About the Author
Jeri Castronova Jeri Castronova, Ph.D., Spiritual Psychologist, Award-winning author of eight books, Poet, Artist, and World Traveler, teaches Return of the Goddess, Mastery Game Board, Past and Future Timelines, and speaks at local and international conferences. She has a unique way of fusing personal and historical events to reveal hidden wisdom and lighting the way to the Golden Age.



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